Ever noticed how you can’t save a URL in a Dropbox folder?

And how you have to convert a Dropbox Paper file to a Google Doc to store it on your team’s G Drive. And how you can’t save a bunch of blog post links along with other files in any online drive? And how everyone - including you - uses a million file types… but can’t store them all in one place online or off… so you keep losing things? Yeah, we noticed, too. So we built Packs.

Like an online drive. Unlike any online drive.

Packs is judgment-free filing. Save a Google doc in the same place you save a Word doc, an Excel file, an image from your desktop, a YouTube video and a link to an HBR article.

Add files
Add context

Give much-needed context to all those project assets.

Better control how others move through the assets you share by describing each file in a pack. Help your team, students or clients understand what they’re looking at before they click.

Collect dozens of files and URLs behind a single shareable link.

Because all of your files are digital. And they’re scattered everywhere. Keep using everything you’re using. And organize it all in Packs.

Dozens of assets interface

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