Packs for digital and remote work Organize your digital life.

Links to Trello boards, Google docs, that PDF from the Marketing Research team, the case studies you commissioned, the tweet that got all those likes, the Zoom meeting recording - put them where you can find them and share them. Put them in a pack.

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Project Firefly

Project Firefly Trello project


Project Firefly planning types

Social Media

Project Firefly example tweet

Because you can't save a URL in a Google Drive. But you need to keep work links and files in the same place.

Think of Packs as a visual online drive. One you can add text and context to. And embed videos in. And embed a Typeform in. And basically do everything in. Starting with organizing links and files.

Packs for product management.

Make a pack for the latest product release. Include your feature specs Word docs. Links to the user tests you ran. The QA spreadsheet. The finance spreadsheet. Links to the sprint kickoff and retro Zoom meetings. A link to the project in JIRA and GitHub.

Then pin the pack at the top of your product team's Slack channel. So everyone can benefit from your mad organization skills.

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Product Release

Feature specs
User testing
QA and finance spreadsheets
Zoom recordings
JIRA project
Slack integration

Packs for client management.

Make a pack for all the research and branding docs you get from a client - the PDFs, the Excel sheets, the Google slides. Make a pack tracking all your meeting notes and action items, with links to the Zoom recordings, the checklists in Dropbox Paper and their Trello board. Make an admin pack, with their contract, invoices, policies and more. And never lose an important client file again.

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Digimail Project

Project brief
Digimail Trello board

Brand Assets

Mission statement Google Drive
Style guidelines

Packs for PR and external communications.

Use Packs to create a bio kit and a brand kit, for PR purposes, that you can easily update anytime. Or organize top tweets and mentions in a pack. And install the Packs extension for Chrome to send all PR mentions to a pack, where you can upload your report on how those mentions have performed - then share it with the C-suite.

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Nutration Social Media Pack

Brand voice

Top Mentions

Example tweet
Example tweet

Packs for portfolios and creative.

Quickly create a moodboard or pop together a selection of your work - from MP3s to obscure articles you've published. Packs is a visual way to organize all your files and assets - so there's no end to what you can put in a pack. You can even make those writing samples, which look so terrible in portfolio software, look as badass as they are in a pack.

See a sample pack

Photography Portfolio

Example portfolio pics
Example portfolio pricing

Packs works with everything so there are no limits to what you can organize

Right-click anywhere in a pack to paste code, links and files. Drag assets into a pack. Or just start typing to add headlines and copy. And because you can add links and files from anywhere, there's no need to switch from or give up any tools you use and love.

  • Meeting icon Meeting schedulers like Calendly and HubSpot
  • Play video icon Videos - YouTube, Loom or uploaded MP4s
  • Download icon PDFs, photos and gifs
  • Social icon Social posts, like Tweets and LinkedIn articles
  • Docs icon Word docs and Google docs
  • Sheets icon Excel sheets and Google sheets
  • Airtables icon Keynotes, PowerPoints and Google Slides
  • Meeting icon Airtables and Notion files
  • Websites icon Websites
  • Articles icon Blog posts and articles
  • Ecommerce icon Ecommerce purchasing widgets
  • Forms icon Eventbrite forms
  • Webinars icon Webinar invitations, like Zoom and
  • Events icon AddEvent buttons
  • Reviews icon Google, Yelp, G2 and other reviews
  • Timers icon Countdown timers like DeadlineFunnel
  • Leadgen Forms icon Lead-gen forms like HubSpot and ActiveCampaign
Chrome integration

Send images, gifs and articles from the web to a pack.

So much better than a bookmarking tool! Install the Packs extension for Chrome to send any web page, image or text to a pack. Or create a new pack from the extension. So you've got all those appetizer recipes in one place. (Hey, it doesn't always have to be about work.)

Google Chrome Logo Add Packs to Chrome
Slack integration

Pull links and files from your best Slack channels.

Add Packs to your team's Slack, and type /packs in the busiest work channels, like #customer-insights. That'll send all the assets from that channel to a pack. Voila! Now you've got a complete collection of all your team's Customer Insights links and files.

Slack Logo Add Packs to Slack

Organize your digital life. Even if you're working from home. Just put it in a pack.