Packs software integrations.

One of the best things about Packs is that you don't have to give up or switch from any of the software you use, know and love. Just pop it in a pack!

Native Chrome Extension

When you’re reading an article you love, hit the Packs icon in your browser to send the link for the article to a new or existing pack. Or right click on an image or text, and send that to a pack, too.

Google Chrome Logo Add Packs to Chrome

Native Slack Integration

We call it “Slackity Packity” because it is charmingly awesome. Just type /packs in any channel to send all the links and files from that channel to a new pack.

Slack Logo Coming Soon

Packs is also compatible with Your favorite business software.

Embed just about anything in a pack. So you can transform a pack into a lead-generation page. Or an HR onboarding kit. Or a team retreat binder. Or a client portal. Or a pop-up store.

See How
Shopify Logo


Create an instant ecommerce shop by embedding Shopify buy buttons and cart widgets in a pack.

Typeform Logo


Collect leads and survey responses by embedding a Typeform survey in a pack.

Twitter Logo


Embed your favorite tweets in a pack.

Instagram Logo


Embed your favorite IG stories in a pack.

LeadPages Logo


Capture leads by embedding a LeadPages pop-up builder or form in a pack.

ConvertKit Logo


Collect leads by embedding a ConvertKit sign-up form in a pack.

Mailchimp Logo


Build your audience by embedding a Mailchimp signup form in a pack.

Interact Logo


Engage your viewers by embedding an Interact quiz in your pack.

Google Workspace Logo

Google Workspace

Add Google Sheets, Docs, Slides and more by pasting links from Google into a Pack.

Google Maps Logo

Google Maps

Embed directions to a location in a Pack.

EventBrite Logo


Drive sign-ups by embedding your event details from Eventbrite.

AddEvent Logo


Get your event on calendars - where it belongs - by embedding an AddEvent button.

Calendly Logo


Embed Calendly’s meeting scheduler to turn your Packs viewers into warm leads.

HubSpot Logo


Embed HubSpot’s meeting scheduler to turn your Packs viewers into warm leads.

Deadline Funnel Logo

Deadline Funnel

Increase urgency for your viewers by embedding a deadline to take action.

Loom Logo


Walk your viewers through your pack’s content by embedding a Loom video.

Wistia Logo


Embed a Wistia video in a pack.

Vimeo Logo


Embed a Vimeo video in a pack.

YouTube Logo


Embed a YouTube video in a pack.

TikTok Logo


Embed your favorite TikTok in a pack.

Gumroad Logo


Sell digital goods by embedding a Gumroad checkout widget in a pack.

Podia Logo


Sell digital goods by embedding a Podia buy widget in a pack.

Patreon Logo


Collect funds by adding a “Become a patron” button to your pack.

PayPal Logo


Accept donations by adding a “Donate” button to your pack.

Microsoft Teams Logo

Microsoft Teams

Add docs, spreadsheets and more by pasting links from Teams into a pack.

PaGiphyyPal Logo


Add a little personality to a pack by pasting a gif from Giphy into it.

Amazon Logo


Sell your products or affiliate products by embedding product previews in a pack.